Saturday, 14 December 2013

Check Your Bauballs

Christmas is just round the corner, and dare I say it, I've still not put up my Christmas tree, decorations or the obligatory Christmas lights in the window. To be honest I still can't wrap my head round where the last couple of months have disappeared to.  Usually I am really organised for Christmas and I have all my presents purchased and ready to wrap. however this year I am starting to run out of Christmas shopping days!

At this time of year thoughts always go out to absent family members and friends who cannot celebrate Christmas with us.  I am not trying to kill anyone's Christmas spirit or dampen the Holidays, its just a reminder that, although Christmas is the time for Family - some people don't have much family left.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Secret Santa - Generalspiration

Occasionally it happens, you are advised to bring in a gift that would be suitable for male or female.  I have gathered together some ideas for general Secret Santa gifts.  All the items featured are under £10 and can also been found on my Luvocracy:

Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel Tips (Lonely Planet Travel Reference) £4.99
365 New Words-A-Day 2014 Page-A-Day Calendar £7.69
Film Listography £6.13
642 Things to Write £9.59
Procrastinator Mousepad Doodler £8.95
Shot Glasses Ice Mould (12 Pack) £7.95
Jelly Shots Mould £4.95
Warm Up Soles £6.49
You To Do - Fun Stuff To Do Wall Chart £9.45
Desktop Status Bar £4.99
Neon Mixer Tablet Case £9.99
Hopefully the posts over the past couple of days have been helpful, or given you some shopping inspiration.
Happy Christmas Shopping!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Secret Santa - Guyspiration

As I mentioned the yesterday, I have compiled some Secret Santa gifts for guys.  All the items featured are under £10 and can also been found on my Luvocracy:

Stainless Steel 'Cheeky Tipple' Hip Flask £8
8GB Novelty Cute Cartoon Batman USB Flash Pen Drive Memory Stick £8.99
Knit Your Own Bike Saddle £7.95
Ticket Stub Diary £9.99
The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead £5.92
NUXE Men Survival Kit £8.50
The Fart Tutorial Book £6.99
Design Museum Fifty Cars that Changed the World £7.69
Travel Edition Scratch Map £8.99
Duff Beer Water Bottle £9.99
Velcro Knife Throwing Set £7.95
Tomorrow's post will feature Secret Santa - Generalspiration.
Happy Christmas shopping!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Secret Santa - Girlspiration

As I mentioned the other day, I have compiled some Secret Santa gifts.  All the items featured are under £10 and can also been found on my Luvocracy:
Debenhams Foam Heart Hair Curlers £6
Benefit Ticket to Glossytown £9.75 (on offer)
Murad Summer Essentials Discovery Collection £8.99
Knit Your Own Zombie: Over 1000 Combinations to rip 'n' reassemble for Horrifying Results £6.71
Soap & Glory™ Clean Getaway™ Gift Set £10
NIP+FAB Happy Holidays Body Pamper Kit Spiced Apple £8.99
Design Museum Fifty Dresses That Changed the World £7.69
Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse + Mitt Gift Bag £9.99
Your Love Life in Lists £8.39
ASOS Watermelon Beanie £9 (on offer)

Cath Kidson Star And Dot 3 Pack Notebooks £10

Benefit High Flying Glosses £9.75 (on offer)
Tomorrow's post will feature Secret Santa - Guyspiration.
Happy Christmas shopping!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Secret Santa!

As the Christmas music gets louder and the shops get busier, I find myself tucked away enjoying some form of Christmas coffee while turning to my trusted shopping friend - the internet!

I am aware that there will be millions of you who enjoy traipsing around the overcrowded shopping centres having your personal space invaded by heavy breathers.  Then standing in a queue to purchase an item that you are still not you want to by, all for the gratification of having your arms full of shopping bags - of the non food shopping variety.

As well as shopping for the usual suspects a wild card is always thrown in the mix in the form of 'Secret Santa'.

I always love Secret Santa shopping.  I love the challenge of finding a decent present with the restrictions given.  The usual amount for a work Secret Santa is £10, as it is a good amount and hopefully won't break the bank.  I also think you would be hard pushed to get a decent present for anything less.

As I have been searching for Secret Santa present ideas, I thought I would share my findings with you lovely folk, and hopefully inspire the Secret Santa's out there to purchase a good gift, and not another random slogan mug. Do people really think a mug is an acceptable Christmas gift?

I am going to be pulling together some gift ideas which will be split into three separate posts;
  • Girlspiration - for a female recipient
  • Guyspiration - for a male recipient
  • Generalspiration - when its a lucky dip
Although I have titled this Secret Santa, these will also make great pocket money gifts for a school friend, or family member - depending on your budget.

The first feature will be Girlspiration and this will be available on Tuesday. 

In the meantime, Happy Christmas Shopping!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wednesday Wishlist 16th October 2013

The weather has taken a turn for the worst, the nights are drawing in and to top it all the clocks change at the end of the month!  I've been back on the internet looking at pretty things with an empty purse and a warm cup of tea.

I thought I would share a few more of my top shopping items with you guys. 

ASOS CURVE Longline Jacket In Tartan
This jacket is absolutely gorgeous, and for those of you who have a spare £85 can pick this up form ASOS. This jacket is available in the ASOS Curve range as well as their... ahem... 'Skinny' range.  Now as much as I have fallen in love with this jacket I cannot help think "Is this a practical jacket?".  The two major pit falls I find are: 1, It is an open front design, 2, It is dry clean only.
Marc By Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Burgandy Watch
I featured a watch on my wish list last week but just look at how beautiful this Marc Jacobs watch is! This is bound to be a hit at Christmas, and feature on many Christmas present lists.  At the moment I absolutely love burgundy so a burgundy watch is definitely going to appear on my wish list.  I came across this gem on ASOS and it is priced at £185.

My final item is not fashion related.  I have millions of postcards and I love to send them while I am on holiday.  I was chatting to my sister at the weekend as she is looking for something to display the postcards I sent her while I was on Trek America's Southern Sun tour.  I came across this lovely memo board and thought I quite fancy it myself.

Atlas Memo Board and Pin Board by Pins and Ribbons
This item can be found on a website called Not on the High and is priced at £34.99.  The site has a whole host of atlas decorated items, including a makeup bag.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

Recently starting a new job and the change of season has really fired up my desire to shop.  While many people are starting to organise their Christmas shopping and most of the shops are starting to display the same Christmas gift sets that they sell every year. I, on the other hand am browsing to buy things for me!

I thought I would pull together a few things that I have been coveting so that everyone else can drool over them like me.  Hopefully a few of these items will make it in to my autumn wardrobe.

I have to mention the black chunky cut out boots.  A few months back I fell in love with the Jeffrey Campbell Roscoe Cut-out boots and I have been looking for a high street alternative since.  The other day browsing on River Island's website I came across the Black chunky buckle cut out boots priced at £45.00.

I have a serious obsession with footwear at the moment and I am also obsessed with dark red, burgundy and wine colours so River Island's Dark red cut out buckle side Chelsea boots priced at £35.00 are right up my street.

Moving away from footwear and onto accessories I spotted a lovely tartan scarf and this one can be found in River Island for £25, the Black dog bite print t-shirt dress is also from River Island and is priced at £20.  Unfortunately the dress is currently sold out in my size.

Moving away from River Island and onto another website I keep finding myself browsing on, ASOS.  I could just be showing my age but I remember when ASOS first launched as 'As Seen On Screen'!

While browsing on ASOS I came across OWL Chelsea Tortoiseshell Strap Watch, at the moment this is  exclusive to ASOS priced at £84.95.  This watch comes in different colour ways but I think I love the tortoiseshell the most.

As it is October and it will be my favourite time of the year, Halloween! I came across this cracker of a Pumpkin Beanie (£12) also from ASOS.

No doubt I will come across more things that I want so keep your eyes peeled.